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Harmonelo VITALITY is a unique initiator for a number of important processes in our body, such as support of natural immunity and digestion, normal skin condition, regeneration and detoxification of the organism. It contains a unique combination of the active enzymes papain, bromelain and proteases. In addition, Aloe vera and vitamin C act as powerful antioxidants.

VITALITY is a fiber-based liquid dietary supplement made from fructooligosaccharides, which as a prebiotic effectively nourishes our friendly gut bacteria.

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Harmonelo VITALITY

Jumpstart your body

Harmonelo VITALITY is a unique liquid dietary supplement that contains a sophisticated combination of active ingredients, enzymes such as papain, bromelain and protease, together with vitamin C and Aloe vera. It helps the body's natural defences, digestion, normal skin condition, regeneration and detoxification. Vitamin C also contributes to normal energy metabolism and a reduction in the rate of fatigue and exhaustion. It contributes to the formation of collagen for normal blood vessel function. It maintains normal blood sugar levels as well as normal skin condition. Due to the absence of animal enzymes, the product is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


What it contributes to:

  • Natural immunity (immunity support)
    Normal energy metabolism
    Normal functioning of the nervous system
    Detoxification of the body
    Normal blood sugar levels
    Normal skin condition
    Proper function of the gut microbiota


Main advantages:

  • High bioavailability
    100% vegan
    100% free of artificial colours
    Gluten free
    Lactose free
    Low glycemic index
    100% free of artificial sweeteners



Aloe vera (6,6g), protease (prolyloligopeptidase from Aspergillus oryzae), proteolytic enzyme papain (from papaya melon fruit), proteolytic enzyme bromelain (from pineapple fruit), soluble fibre from chicory root based on fructooligosaccharides, stevia (sweetener), vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), preservatives, thickener.



  • 1x daily 20 ml, ideally in the evening after a meal, can be taken neat or in combination with another drink.
  • This is a dietary supplement that is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women, children under 3 years of age.
    It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.
    Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
    Keep out of reach of children.
    Shake before use. Sediment is not harmful.
  • Storage: store in a dry and dark place at a temperature of 2-8°C. Use within 30 days after opening.

Table of nutritional values

ValuesContent per 100g
Energy 165kJ / 39kcal
Fats 0g
Sugars 2,1g
Proteins 0,45g


Aloe vera 

Succulent known for its ability to retain sufficient water and nutrients. There are more than 200 species of aloe, but only 3 to 4 species contain active ingredients. Harmonelo Vitality contains the one that is considered by many to be the most effective - Aloe Barbadensis (Miller). This species of Aloe is native to Mexico and no chemical fertilizers are used in its cultivation. The carrier of the miraculous effects of Aloe vera is found in the centre of its leaves. It is a semi-liquid transparent gel containing a number of active substances that bring a whole spectrum of effects, including natural immunity, improved digestion, detoxification and regeneration of the body. 


Proteases and enzymes

The specific composition of Harmonelo Vitality is a highly effective combination of fungal, lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes, the effect of which is much higher than that of simple pancreatic protease contained in conventional products. Our products thus represent innovation and outperform the often outdated products available to date. Harmonelo Vitality contains an advanced and highly effective broad-spectrum protease. It does not contain enzymes of animal origin and is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The active ingredients papain and bromelain are derived from fruit. The effectiveness is further enhanced by a fructooligosaccharide (soluble fibre) solution. This fibre helps to protect the enzymes in the digestive tract and thus increases their effectiveness. Thanks to the use of lyophilization technology*, the enzymes are highly stable.


*Lyophilization technology

Lyophilization technology, also known as freeze drying or desiccation. It is a method of drying wet materials. The enzymes used in Harmonelo Vitality are obtained by freeze drying. This is the most gentle form of drying, which does not denature or break the structure of the active ingredients. The substances dried in this way retain their effectiveness as if they were fresh.


Vitamin C

Vitamins are substances that are part of a large number of biochemical processes in our body. These include vitamin C, which is known in connection with immunity and collagen formation, and as an antioxidant. It contributes to normal skin condition and is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. The human body cannot make vitamin C on its own. It is essential to supplement this vitamin in the diet or through dietary supplements.


Soluble fibre

A new generation of prebiotics based on modified, enzymatically liquefied chicory fructooligosaccharides contributes to the natural renewal of the intestinal microbiota. It acts in all parts of the intestine, both small and large. This fibre cannot be used, digested or absorbed by the body. However, it is an important nutrient for the beneficial gut bacteria in our intestines.

Furthermore, it supports the proliferation of bifidogenic bacteria in the gut. In addition, it increases butyrate production by friendly gut bacteria. Butyrate is a very beneficial substance for our body. It also serves as a source of energy for the cells of the intestinal mucosa, thus helping to restore its integrity (integrity).


Sweet stevia

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America. The main strength of stevia is hidden in its leaves and stems, which contain the substance stevioside. This is 200-300 times sweeter than sucrose and has negligible energy content. For centuries, stevia has been and is used in natural medicine, which is why we have chosen steviol glycosides as a sweetener.


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